Technoport 2019

Trondheim / Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim 1 Brattørkaia
Norway 27 March 2019
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More than 1000 innovators gather in Trondheim every year to explore the exciting world of deep technological innovations. Based on engineering or science advances, these are new technologies with immense potential to shape our future.

The program will delve into how new technologies will transform the individual, our society and our planet. And it will address how we better can ensure that the amazing new research and tech that is created, actually turns into valuable real life solutions.

But most importantly: Technoport conference is a meeting place. It brings together the best and the brightest from academia, industry and the startup world to break down barriers, exchange knowledge and form new partnerships with the power to create the future. You attend Technoport not to be updated on your own specialty, but to share your knowledge and connect with new people across different disciplines and sectors. Because this interdisciplinarity will be key to solving some of our biggest challenges ahead.

Another special thing about Technoport is that it's located in Trondheim, the Tech Capital of Norway. With less than 200 000 inhabitants we still manage to pack a punch with over 6000 researchers and 38 000 students. It's home to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, St. Olavs University Hospital and SINTEF, Scandinavias largest independent research organisation. It's the city in Norway with the most R&D, both in terms of money and employees per capita. Actually, it's in the top 5 in Europe, and NTNU is the best in Norway when it comes to collaboration with industry.

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