TEDxStockholm: Lighthouse

Stockholm / Nobelberget, Sickla industriväg 6
Sweden 25 November 2017
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Winter is coming, and the future might seem dark. But please keep faith. We will bring light.

TEDxStockholm Lighthouse at Nobelberget on the 25th of November is your chance to experience TED Talks live at this - our biggest, boldest and maybe most beautiful event so far.

More than a handful inspiring speakers will share their ideas in live and recorded TED Talks - all mixed with live entertainment, snacks, drinks and plenty of chances to mingle with other Stockholm creatives.

#TEDxLighthouse will end up in a bright light party.

More information will follow but be sure to secure your ticket now as the spots are limited.

Early Bird tickets: SEK 395
Students: SEK 299

Practical details:
*Event will be in English.
*Light meal and refreshments included in ticket.


Is there reserved seating?
No, this is a general admission venue. First come, first served. We will have enough seats for all ticket purchasers.

What happens if I can not attend?
In the event you can not attend, tickets can be transferred up to 48 hours before the event. Instructions on how to transfer your ticket can be found on BIlletto.

Why isn't my guest's name printed on the ticket?
The person placing the order's name will be on the tickets, however your guests names will be on the detailed guest list.

Why Lighthouse?

Winter is coming, and the future might seem dark. To light up the darkness and give directions to a brighter future, this November TEDxStockholm invites you to Lighthouse - our biggest, boldest and maybe most beautiful event so far.

This is an unique opportunity to experience TEDx live, with a handful of inspiring speakers sharing ideas worth spreading, and plenty of chance to mingle with creative from the TEDxStockholm community. The event will end up in a bright light after party.

Topics and speakers

Our Lighthouse event will include talks on the topics of technology, entertainment, design, education, science, society.

We will look into the past and future of the music, what will prevail and what will emerge and disrupt the industry, how the new generation, often named millennials, brings some important lessons and challenges in the future workforce, how data can not only explain, but also empower individuals and break glass ceilings, how imagination cannot be defined by constructs of usefulness and pragmatism, and how to keep it alive.

We will explore what AI can offer for education, what you can learn by crossing Atlantic Ocean in a row boat, and how to restructure your home so that we would not need to planets of resources to support our needs in twenty years.

Out of our lineup, we are revealing four speakers, Nobel prize co-winner Elina Berglund, serial adventurer Stefan, workforce expert Lisa Gunnarsson, and creative genius Håkan. This is going to be event to learn, get inspired, start conversations, agree, disagree, discuss, laugh, cry and bond with the rest of TEDxStockholm community. The face of the event is our talented moderator Yamina Enedahl, who has been on our stage as a speaker in TEDxStockholm Women event, talking about her story as a record holder in deep diving.

Find more details billetto.se

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