The Investor Series - Vol 4

Copenhagen / Københavns Rådhus, Rådhuspladsen 1
Denmark 19 November 2019
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The Investor Series is an exclusive event series that brings 70+ international VCs & Corporate VCs (CVCs), 70+ Nordic Growth startups (Seed, Series A and Series B) and 10+ international media, every quarter in Copenhagen.

During the event day:
70+ VCs & CVCs pitch on stage (3 min each)
70+ VCs & CVCs are matched with 70+ Nordic Growth startups over 10 individual 1-on-1 rounds of 20 min each

The aim of the Investor Series is to facilitate investments of €160m+ into Nordic tech companies in 2019 and create 1250 more tech jobs in the Nordics within 2 years.

Each investor and each startup is strictly curated by Tame and its core partners, DenmarkBridge, Vækstfonden, The Danish Innovation Fund and Danske Bank. Moreover, top media and tech angels are invited. Startups can apply by signing up

For more info regarding partnerships, contact Jasenko Hadzic on

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