VR meetup #13

Stockholm / Misson IX, Folkungagatan 44
Sweden 17 October 2017
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The meetup will be at the newly opened VR center Mission IX and it will be our biggest meetup so far!

Sponsor of the evening is Finland based Nordic VR Startups (that recently added Palmer Luckey as mentor). Harri Manninen, is flying directly from Oculus Connect to join us and speak about what they are doing to help nordic VR startups. Very awesome stuff.

As usual we will open signup 1 week in advance, 15.00 tue 10 oct.

And also as usual, give us a heads up asap if you’re interested in demoing something, if you want to do a presentation (speaker list for this event is almost filled tho, so be quick!), or if you're interested in sponsoring future events.

Event starts at 6pm.

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