VR Oslo- VR/AR in Media and Education

Oslo / Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park, 21 Gaustadalléen
Norway 20 February 2019
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This is our 4th year having VR Oslo events and this one will be a special one.

VR and AR are becoming more and more acceptable as formats here to stay in media and in education. We wish to see what technologies are ripe now and how we can pick the low hanging fruits.


1200-1300 Rigging

1300-1400 Presentations

Eli Aasen- Oslotech As Introduction to Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park and safety procedures.

Ali Zareiee- Adapa360º- Introducing The Mars Society Scandinavia Astronaut Candidate program and MarsVR.

Juha Kela- Finwe Ltd. 360 Video Starter Kit & industrial digitalization

Anne Brude- Mindshare Norge and immersive tech

Bjarte Sebastian Hansen- Goontech data visualization

Arnaud Le Breton- visualiz - Digital Twins for VR in education

1400-1410 Break

1410-1500 Presentations

Rafał Hanzl- Den norske filmskolen

Ragnhild Hutchison- Oslo havn 1798 VR and history

Theo Nogueira - Creative sound design

Robert Chaston- Sennheiser- Sennheiser audio hardware

Fredrik Schjefstad- VR Lebanon- 360VR and heritage

Jo Jørgen Stordal- Pointmedia AR for Education using Holopipe

1450-1500 Break

1500-1550 Presentations

Keith Mellingen- Rainfall AS Directing 360 productions

Magnus Sæternes Lian- NTNU - Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet- 360 in education

Øystein Runde- Stamceller children's book in 360

Lina Reinsbakken- Norn Studio- Immersive art

Eirik Wahlstrøm- Ludenso(MovieMask) AR and Education

1610-1800 Food and testing of VR AR

1800 Finished

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