Full features list for Nordic 9 Insiders

What you get access to by becoming a Nordic 9 Insider:

Database access

  • access to complete Nordic investment database, structured by period, country, size of investors and industry
  • access to complete list of active investors from the Nordics, by type, size of investment, country, industry, business model and period.
  • access to a complete list of startups based in the Nordics, with or without prior investments, by country, industry, business model
  • access to a complete list of mergers and acquisitions from the Nordics.
  • advanced tools for comparing data sets by periods, investors, countries, industries or companies.
  • the databases are curated constantly, data goes back as far as 2005.

Smart software tools

  • automated trackers for investments that you can customize by country, industry, investor, or investment size
  • search history - access to records of your search history on the databases
  • automated alerts about a company update related to investments or any news added on the website
  • peering - automated tool that can show a list of similar companies or investors.


  • tops with the Nordic companies which received the most investments, by country and by period
  • tops with the most active Nordic investors by country, by period and by their type.
  • tops with the most funded industries from the Nordics, by period and by country
  • tops with the most funded geo clusters from the Nordics, by period and by country.

Reports and insights

  • aggregated data presenting a consolidated picture from the Nordics quarterly, half a year and full year, presented for the entire region, each country and industry
  • access to our occasional observations and insights from the region

News Digest

  • weekly digests, updated with the latest transactions tracked from the Nordics, as well as interesting other related news. All structured by week, country, or industry