Software Services

Recently funded in Software Services

CompanyRound investorsIndustryRound value (USD)
Finland FlowhavenGlobal Founders Capital (GFC), IcebreakerCRM, Legal Services, Software Services5.2M
Norway Homely ASNadir Nalbant, Schibsted GrowthHardware, Manufacturing, Software Services1.31M
Sweden SleepcureG4 Capital, Magnus Emilson, Rolf LundströmHealth services, Software ServicesN/A
Denmark tamigoViking VentureSoftware Services10.33M
Denmark OnomondoMærsk GrowthSoftware Services, TelecomN/A

Largest investments in Software Services in the last 30 days

NameIndustriesDateRound value (USD)
Sweden DetectifySecurity, Software ServicesNov 201923.7M
Finland Blueprint GeneticsHealth services, Software ServicesNov 201916.54M
Denmark tamigoSoftware ServicesDec 201910.33M
Finland FlowhavenCRM, Legal Services, Software ServicesDec 20195.2M
Finland CombinosticsHealth services, Software ServicesNov 20194.3M

Most active investors in Software Services in the last 30 days

InvestorTypeAverage inv. round (USD)Transactions
Finland InventureVenture Capital23.7M1
Norway Viking VentureVenture Capital10.33M1
Finland IcebreakerVenture Capital5.2M1
Sweden IndustrifondenVenture Capital4.3M1
Finland NordicNinja VCVenture Capital4.3M1

Active regional clusters in Software Services in the last 30 days

NameIndustriesValue of transactionsTransactions
Denmark CopenhagenSoftware Services (4)14.21M4
Sweden StockholmSoftware Services (2)24.74M2
Norway OsloSoftware Services (2)5.43M2
Finland HelsinkiSoftware Services (2)20.4M2
Sweden GothenburgHealth services (1), Software Services (1)N/A1