Recently funded in VR

CompanyRound investorsIndustryRound value (USD)
Denmark LabsterBalderton Capital, David Helgason, EduCapital, Entangled Group, Nordic Makers, Northzone, Owl Ventures, Swisscom VenturesEducation, Software Services, VR21M
Finland OsgenicIcebreakerHealth services, Software Services, VR1.01M
Finland HipFire GamesSisu Game Ventures, Teemu Varpanen, Business FinlandGaming Industry, Software Services, VR204.8k
Norway Be Your BestDavide de Picciotto, Helge Lund, Karl-Christian Agerup, Per Otto Wold, SNÖ VenturesHealth services, Sports Industry, VR1.73M
Iceland FLOW VR MeditationIceland Venture StudioMobile, Software Services, VRN/A

Largest investments in VR in the last 30 days

NameIndustriesDateRound value (USD)
Denmark LabsterEducation, Software Services, VRApr 201921M

Most active investors in VR in the last 30 days

InvestorTypeAverage inv. round (USD)Transactions
Sweden NorthzoneVenture Capital21M1
Sweden Nordic MakersVenture Capital21M1
Denmark David HelgasonAngel Investor21M1
Swisscom Ventures21M1
Owl VenturesVenture Capital21M1

Active regional clusters in VR in the last 30 days

NameIndustriesValue of transactionsTransactions
Denmark CopenhagenEducation (1), VR (1), Software Services (1)21M1