Antler Interactive was acquired by ChromaWay

Sweden M&A 04 December 2019
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Antler Interactive, a Stockholm, Sweden-based gaming studio, announced in a press release that it was acquired by ChromaWay, a Swedish blockchain company.

Financial details of the transaction remained undisclosed.

Antler Interactive, founded as Svrvive in 2016 and led by CEO Anna Norrevik, was founded as a developer of virtual reality games. The company unsucessfully developed two titles and since then switched to development of augmented reality solutions. Antler was not profitable at a 2018 sales number of SEK 1.1 million ($120k).

Antler Interactive was owned by private investors from Sweden, including Back In Black Capital, Mats Carlsson, Per Brilioth and Svärd von Heijne, which backed the company with about $2 million in 2016.