Arthro Therapeutics, the Swedish medtech company, raises SEK 20M

Sweden 06 December 2016

Arthro Therapeutics, a Swedish startup which makes a digital evidence-based intervention program for people with osteoarthritis, has raised $2,2 million.

The new investment, which is Arthro’s seed round, was led by Sweet Capital, the fund of the King founders.

Also participating in the round were earlier investors such as Dendera Ventures and Incos Invest. Other earlier investors include angel investors such as Sophia Bendz, Hampus Jakobsson and Tim Jackson. Lund University is also among the early backers. This brings the total funds raised by Arthro to $3,2 million.

Arthro Therapeutics is led by Jakob Dahlberg, CEO & Co-Founder, and has as flagship product Joint Academy, a digitized version of the Swedish evidence-based program BOA (Better Management of Osteoarthritis) which has been completed by over 60 000 patients.

Total investments received (USD): 33.07M