Biomatter Designs raised €500K in a seed funding round led by Practica Capital

Lithuania Investments 10 January 2021
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Biomatter Designs, a Vilnius, Lithuania-based bioyech startup producing generative protein design, announced that it raised €500k ($609k) in seed funding.

The money was raised from investors led by Practica Capital, and including contributions from 70V and angel investors.

Proceeds will be used to further develop the company’s protein design technology and product pipeline.

Biomatter Designs, founded 2018 by CEO Laurynas Karpus, develops technologies for generative protein design at the intersection of synthetic biology and AI. Proteins are large, complex molecules that drive virtually every biological function. Naturally occurring proteins aid biochemical reactions, transport materials within the cell, transduce chemical signals, and play other crucial roles both in our bodies and around us. Proteins, when engineered to perform specific functions (e.g. binding and neutralizing pathogens, converting industrial waste to useful materials), have tremendous potential to solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges across healthcare, food, agriculture and other industries.