Blue Ocean Robotics acquired Beam robotics assets from Suitable Technologies, Inc.

Denmark M&A 27 August 2019
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Blue Ocean Robotics, an Odense, Denmark-based robotics company, announced getting into an agreement for the acquisition of all assets and rights associated with Beam from Suitable Technologies, Inc. in Silicon Valley.

The acquisition, which has the financial details undisclosed, adds to Blue Ocean Robotics’ portfolio that also includes products such as the UVD Robot used to disinfect hospitals, a solution that can now be offered in tandem with Beam.

Beam Presence technology, developed by Suitable Technologies and founded by Scott Hassan, enables Beam users to be present and to interact naturally from anywhere in the world by combining high-quality, lifelike audio and video; dependable, effortless mobility; and low-latency transmission for an impactful human presence. Beam allows users to connect into a remote location and have a presence there via a display, camera, and microphone placed on wheels that the user can physically navigate around, receiving a live video stream from a remote location as it is being explored.

Blue Ocean Robotics, founded in 2013 by CEO Claus Risager, Rune K. Larsen and John Erland Østergaard, is known for developing professional service robots from the problem, idea and design phase to the development, commercialization and scaling phase. Every robot is placed in its own subsidiary which is responsible for scaling sales, customer service, support and everything else oriented towards global markets and customers. The parent company handles all development and production of robots across the organization.

Blue Ocean Robotics has raised about $34M in capital funding from investors including Nordic Eye.