BUX raised €67 million in a funding round led by Prosus Ventures and Tencent.

Germany Netherlands United States Russia China 21 April 2021

BUX, an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based broekrage operator of a financial market, announced raising €67 million ($80.8M) in a capital funding round.

The money was raised from investors led by Prosus Ventures and Tencent, joined by new investors ABN Amro Ventures, Citius, Optiver, and Endeit Capital and existing shareholders HV Capital and Velocity Capital Fintech Ventures.

The funding round makes Prosus and Tencent BUX's largest investors. Others include ABN Amro Ventures and Optiver Holding.

BUX, founded in 2014 by Egbert Pronk, Joost van de Wijgerd, Nick Bortot, and Robbert Bos, developed a zero-commission investment platform used for consumer trading of financial instruments.

BUX previously raised about $37 million.

Total investments received (USD): 114.56M