CrowdSec announced a $5 million funding round backed by Breega.

France 03 May 2021

CrowdSec, a Nantes, France software developer of cyberscurity solutions, announced the completion of a $5 million seed funding round.

The money was raised from the French VC Breega, and will be used for adding more people to the team.

CrowdSec, founded in 2019 by Philippe Humeau, Thibault Koechlin and Laurent Soubrevilla, developed an open source cybersecurity automation platform, used for analyzing the behavior of IP addresses, identifies threats and shares them to the community. The company's tools are specifically designed for cloud-based operators, with services including denying access from a verified malicious IP address, two-factor authentication, CAPTCHA’s, or putting limits on user rights, port scans, web scans, password attacks, identity theft attempts, application denial of service attacks, bots, and credit card stuffing or fraud.

CrowdSec previously raised €1.5M from Reflexion Capital in 2020.

Total investments received (USD): 6.76M