Cyance announced £860,000 in a capital round backed by Blackfinch Ventures and Nexus Investments.


Cyance, an Oxfordshire, UK-based provider of global, third-party intent data, announced it has secured an additional funding round of £860k ($1.2m)

The money was raised from existing investors including Blackfinch Ventures and Nexus Investments.

The company will leverage the funding to continue to grow its internal team, which has already doubled in size over the last 12 months. It will also be used to accelerate the company's enterprise customer acquisition strategy as it exploits its key strength in the European market. Further investment into the continuous innovation of both Cyance intent data and ABM platform will be a key focus as the business seeks to build increasing value from its ABX approach for global organisations.

Cyance, founded as Nexus in 2012 by Jon Clarke, is using machine learning, combined with unique customer behaviour data from across the globe, in order to record and predict what customers are most likely to: buy next, buy more or leave.

The company says that it has over 55,000 publisher partnerships across Europe, to which it delivers the most extensive reach for European geographies. Its sophisticated technology uses localised, natural language search to accurately track and identify customer intent. This has been proven to lead to greater conversion and sales efficiency for global sales and marketing teams. Cyance is the only provider to combine fully GDPR-compliant European third-party intent data with a powerful account-based marketing (ABM) solution.