DragonBox was acquired by Kahoot

Norway 09 May 2019

DragonBox, an Oslo, Norway-based game studio developing educational games, announced that it was acquired by the Norwegians from Kahoot!, a company operating a game-based learning platform.

The transaction was made for $18M, and was structured as a cash (a third) and stock deal.

DragonBox, managed by WeWantToKnow AS, is a French-Norwegian company author and operator of a family of math apps using game-based learning. The company was founded by financial analyst turned math teacher Jean-Baptiste Huyhn (CEO), the leading French game developer Patrick Marchal, and former Opera Software executives Rolf Assev and Christen Krogh.

The company, which has offices in Oslo, Paris and Helsinki, launched its first algebra game app in 2012 and the DragonBox school math curriculum for elementary schools in 2017.

DragonBox was funded by Rolf Assev and Jon von Tetzchner, who financed a pre-seed round at the company founding in 2012.

Kahoot!, founded in 2013 and led by CEO Åsmund Furuseth, is a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play fun learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes. In 2018, Kahoot! had over one billion participating players in more than 200 countries.

Total investments received (USD): N/A
Total investments received (USD): 301.35M