EQT announced its second venture fund, EQT Ventures II, at €660M.

Sweden Connection
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EQT Ventures, a Stockholm, Sweden-based investment venture company announced closing its second fund, EQT Ventures II.

With commitments totaling €660m ($726M), EQT Ventures II is one of the largest VC funds ever raised in Europe.

EQT Ventures was founded with commitments to a first fund of €566 million in 2016 by EQT, one of the largest private equity European companies, operated from Sweden.

The company's strategy is multi-stage, sector-agnostic looking for opportunities across the entire European spectrum, from early on, typically at Series A and B, to a later stage with US founders (typically at Series B and C), looking to scale into Europe.

EQT Ventures has hubs in Stockholm, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and San Francisco, and portfolio companies include 3D Hubs, Varjo, Natural Cycles, Permutive, Codacy, Peakon and Tinyclues.