Foodflow closes a SEK 8M investment round

Sweden Investments 29 September 2017
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Foodflow, a Stockholm, Sweden-based company providing a SAAS platform for the food industry actors, announced the closing of a SEK 8M ($980k) investment round.

The backers include Nouvago Capital, which contributed with SEK 3.5M, Aggregate Media and angel Patrik Reese.

FoodFlow, founded by Jesper Jannesson and Christopher Jonsson, developed Stockfiller, a technology that acts as a link between stores and external suppliers. The technology automates and simplifies the order flow for the grocery trade (DVH) and hotel, restaurant and café industries by collecting and simplifying trade from all suppliers not managed by the chain's central warehouse.

Estimately, external flows account for 20-30% of all DVH sales in Sweden. All ordering, invoicing, delivery and follow-up of external vendors previously handled by phone, mail or fax are now done via the Stockfiller digital tool. The company has 100 suppliers and of 350 buyers in the system, with clients including retail names such as Coop, Urban Deli or Ica.