GoldenVagance secured $1M for an ecommerce operation.

Sweden Investments 16 August 2018
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GoldenVagance, a Norrköping, Sweden-based startup working on building an ecommerce operation, secured SEK 10M ($1M) in pre-seed funding.

The money comes from founders and investors, including Joachim Lindström, Filip Ummer and HS Group and will be used for setting up shop and getting ready to launch in 2019.

GoldenVagance, led by CEO Christoffer Johansson, aims to sell swimwear and sun glasses throughout Scandinavia and Germany, by using social media as a main marketing channel. Two of the founders, Joachim Lindström and Filip Ummer, are already involved in another Norrköping-based ecommerce company, IDeal of Sweden, and rely on their already established relationships with suppliers from China.