Hooked Seafood announced raising SEK 5 million in capital funding

Sweden Finland Germany 16 December 2020

Hooked Seafood, a Stockholm, Sweden-based alternative food producer, announced that it completed a funding round totalling SEK 5M ($600k).

The money was raised from a range of investors from the Nordics and Germany, including Wave Ventures, Kale United, PlusCap, ProVeg, and the angel investor network Food Angels Germany.

Hooked Seafood, founded in 2019 by Emil Wasteson and Tom Johansson, is developing a plant-based shredded salmon alternative as part of its plant-based seafood portfolio. The company expects to launch its plant-based tuna product called Toona in 2021 - Toona is made from soy protein through a wet extrusion manufacturing process, and also contains sunflower oil and algae to provide omega-3 fatty acids.

Total investments received (USD): 750k