Huddlestock merged operations with Dovre Forvaltning

Norway M&A 30 April 2019
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Huddlestock and Dovre Forvaltning, both based in Oslo, Norway, announced that they merged their operations in a strategic move to create a better offering for its clients.

The new company will be named Huddlestock and has offices in London, Vilnius, Oslo and Stavanger. Combined it has +15 employees, +150 mill NOK AUM and +2000 clients/ investors.

Huddlestock was founded in 2014 by Michel van Tol (CIO) and Murshid M. Ali with the goal to make sophisticated investment strategies available to everyone. The company made its platform available in 2017, providing a marketplace for diverse investment strategies available for investors across 12 different countries.

Dovre Forvaltning was founded in 2011 by Stig R. Myrseth as an independent asset management company.