IncludeOS grabs NOK 5M, adds Bjarne Stroustrup on investors list.

Denmark Norway Investments 07 November 2017
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IncludeOS, an Oslo, Norway-based company working on an alternative operating system, closed a NOK 5M ($610k) investment round.

The money comes from backers including Danish scientist Bjarne Stroustrup, known as the author of C++ language, and will give the company a runway of 1.5 years to further develop its product and look for market adoption.

IncludeOS, founded in 2015 by CEO Per Buer, developed a software solution that allows you to run your application in the cloud without an operating system. The company was started as research project at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences from Norway with the objective of creating of a way to build cloud applications with a newly open-sourced OS that's as slender as can be. IncludeOS is an unikernel, meaning that the OS consists of a single application baked into a custom kernel that contains only the libraries needed to run that app.

Prior to this the company raised money from Kjeller Innovation and Alliance Venture.