Investo Capital is a new DKK 100M investment fund looking for seed investments in Denmark.

Denmark Connection
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Investo Capital is a DKK 100M ($16.7M) newly set up investment fund based in Aalborg, Denmark.

The company is a joint, 50/50 effort, of Heartland, owned by Danish entrepreneur Anders Holch Povlsen, and Novi Innovations, an innovative science park based in Aalborg.

Heartland is a private holding company, containing all group activities including investments and holdings outside of the fashion activities in Bestseller.

Novi Innovations, founded in 1998 and led by CEO Henrik Lundum, is a science park situated right next to Aalborg University, with a building complex of 43.000 square metres which host more than 100 companies.

Investo Capital will be led by Henrik Lundum and it was setup so that it would fill a gap in the seed investment market in startup entrepreneurship. As such, Investo is looking for maximum 5 year-long commitments in Danish early-growth companies within tech business areas in the broad sense, and which can scale globally.