Jobilla in a €2.16M funding round led by tech investor Trind VC.

Finland Estonia 21 April 2021

Jobilla, a Helsinki, Finland-based job recruiting company, announced that it completed a financing round totalling €2.16M.

The money is part loans and grants (€700k) and part equity (€1.5M/$1.8M) raised from investors led by Trind VC from Estonia.

Proceeds will be used for expansion in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, while also scaling up the company's operations in the USA.

Jobilla, founded in 2015 by CEO Henri Nordström, does recruitment campaigns which utilize social media that reach out to ideal candidates and filter suitability through a short series of qualifying questions via easy-to-use, mobile-optimized forms. Candidates are then screened and prioritized utilizing AI in a process that takes minutes instead of weeks of work from expensive headhunters. Customers include RE/MAX, German Red Cross, and Securitas.

Total investments received (USD): 1.76M