Juuri Partners announced a €110M new fund, Juuri Rahasto II Ky.

Finland Connection
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Juuri Partners, a Helsinki, Finland-based private equity company, announced the company's new fund, Juuri Rahasto II Ky, at a size of €110 million ($121M). 

The fund raising will continue with the aim of attracting a couple of new investors with a total of approximately €20 million additional capital by summer 2020.

Juuri Rahasto II Ky invests in growth, well-established and profitable small and medium-sized companies operating primarily in Finland with net sales of €5-150 million. The fund makes both majority and minority investments, equity financing and debt financing.

Simultaneously with the launch of the new fund, the investment period of the €80 million Juuri Rahasto I Ky will end. During the investment period in 2015-2019, the fund made a total of 13 investments in Finnish companies.