Labster have raised DKK 24M from Innovationsfonden

Denmark Investments 27 April 2016
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Innovation Fund has invested in developing a virtual reality learning platform for high-tech companies. The development will take place in Denmark under the leadership of Labster ApS.

The company has over the past three years working to revolutionize the teaching of science at universities and colleges worldwide.

Now there assembled a strong group of Danish and international partners to help develop a new learning platform.

- The aim is to build a laboratory simulator, where you can be trained in the use of biotechnology and high-tech instruments. But also a simulator in which you can be trained to perform research. You will be able to program the simulator to expose staff and students for an issue which has previously been solved in science, says Rune Linding, a professor at BRIC , Biotech Research & Innovation Centre, University of Copenhagen, and compares laboratoriesimulatorens future importance flysimulatorernes importance for pilot training.

Virtual reality goggles, gloves and interactive simulation models to be assembled with specially developed software for a new generation of educational technology for use in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

The American company Biogen with Danish production facilities in Hillerød will participate in developing, testing and applying virtual reality laboratories developed in the four-year project.

It will be the world's first virtual learning environment to increase productivity and competency of laboratories and production processes with high demands on precision and quality assurance. Innovation Fund grant will help to bring together applied research from the Technical University of Denmark 's Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability, KU BRIC and SDU 's Department of Psychology.

Their work must be coupled with the best foreign knowledge and evidence from Stanford University, MIT and UC Berkeley in order to create an alliance in the field of virtual reality technology.

Education and Research Minister Tørnæs says about the project's potential:
- Denmark will only continue to be a leader in research if our research is of the highest quality. Therefore, it is really exciting that the Innovation Fund now allocates 23.5 million. kr. to develop new virtual learning environments. This makes the fund to boost development in this exciting field and to create a good framework for the next generation of bio- and high-tech researchers in Denmark.

Social Potential:
For a knowledge-based society it is important to train the next generation of scientists as possible, which a laboratory simulator can be a part of. In time, other industries than biotechnology could benefit from using virtual reality.

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