Meeshkan secured $420k in a pre-seed capital round.

Denmark Finland Investments 17 December 2018
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Meeshkan, a Helsinki, Finland-based startup working on a software tool that can train, test, and deploy machine learning models, announced completing a pre-seed investment round of EUR 370k ($420k).

The money was provided by Nordic investors, including angel Ali Omar and First Fellow Partners, and The Nordic Web Ventures, and will be used to create a better context for the company to raise more capital from the US.

Meeshkan, founded in 2017 by Kimmo Sääskilahti, Mike Solomon, Megan Schaible and Idan Tene, developed a software app that can be deployed directly from Slack and which allows data science teams to train, test, and deploy ML models.

The company, which is located at Microsoft, Flux in Helsinki, is partnering with Northeastern University and CUDA to develop “zero-downtime” checkpointing of ML models in TensorFlow and PyTorch.