Metacore Games announced securing financing of €25 million from existing investor Supercell.

Finland Investments 17 September 2020
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Metacore Games, a Helsinki, Finland-based gaming company, announced securing funding totalling €25 million ($30M).

The money is a combination of €10 million debt as part of a credit line and €15 million ($17.7M) equity, all backed by existing investor Supercell.

Proceeds will be used to hire more people and take their newest title, Merge Mansion, to the market, while continuing to explore and develop new metagames.

Metacore Games, founded in 2015 as Everywear Games by CEO Mika Tammenkoski and Aki Järvilehto, started as a developer of watch-based wearable games Since then the company switched focus to mobilegames, particularly metagame development, namely games whereas outside strategies players apply to a particular game in order to play it best. As a game itself evolves, through new releases or updates, so does the metagame; this keeps gamers interested. So ‘metagame’ studio developers aim to stimulate that layer of the gaming experience.

Since founding, Metcaore launched four games, three of which Apple selected as the best game of the year in its category. At the same time, Metacore announced launching its new title, Merge Mansion, a casual puzzle game.

Prior to this deal, the company raised a total of almost $9 million. In 2018, Supercell bought out existing shareholders at that time, True Ventures,Lifeline Ventures and Sunstone Capital.