Movi secured $1.8M in angel investment for its SAAS video tech

Denmark Finland Norway Sweden Investments 03 July 2018
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Movi, an Oslo, Norway-based startup working on a SAAS video technology, secured $1.8M in capital investment.

The money comes from a range of Nordic investors, including angel backers David Helgason, Hampus Jakobsson, Anders Lassen, Morten Fornes, Bogomil Balkansky, Soo Boon Koh, Erik Wrobel, Petri Nevalainen, Dennis Schäfer, and VC company Promentum Equity Partners.

Movi, founded in 2015 by Anders Lassen, Eike Rösner, Espen Bjarnø, Lars-Erik Ravn and Morten Fornes, developed the Movi Player SDK, a software tool that acts as a layer on top of native mobile video players and providing interactive features. The company already works with a number of media companies using its tool, including Canadian Fandom Sports.