Natufia raises $3.5 million investment from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

Estonia 15 February 2021

Natufia, a Talinn, Estonia-based manufacturer of smart indoor food growing systems, announced the completion of a $3.5 million capital investment round.

The money was raised from investors led by the Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), through their venture capital investment arm, the KAUST Innovation Fund (KIF), as the start-up takes up residency at the KAUST Research and Technology Park (KRTP).

Natufia, founded in 2014 by Gregory Lu and Lauri Kapp, builds self-contained, vertical indoor systems that use seed pods for growing leafy greens and herbs.

The company's product, the Natufia Kitchen Garden, is a household product that also answers many chefs’ needs, particularly regarding the difficulty of sourcing sustainable, high-quality products. The fridge-size appliance is easy to use, and plant growth is fully automated. It comes as a self-contained cabinet that provides the optimal combination of water, lighting and nutrients to grow plants, providing as much as two harvests per day.

Natufia has an established customer base in the US, predominantly in California, Florida, Texas, and Europe in Germany, France, UK and Italy.

The company previously raised $1.2 million in 2018.

Total investments received (USD): 5.3M