Nearfield Instruments raised €17.5M as part of its Series B round of funding backed by Invest-NL and Innovation Industries.

Netherlands 03 June 2021

Nearfield Instruments, a Rotterdam, Netherlands-based company producing semiconductor scanning probe metrology equipment, announced the completion of a €17.5M ($21.3M) series B funding round.

The money was raised from the Dutch investors Invest-NL (€10,5 million) and Innovation Industries (€7 million). Proceeds will be used for scaling up the organization to develop new metrology technologies, attract top tech talents, and expand their infrastructure.

Nearfield Instruments, founded in 2016 by Hamed Sadeghian and Roland van Vliet as a spin-off of TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research), develops and delivers process control metrology solutions that are able to measure essential 3D nanostructures in a non-destructive manner during the manufacturing process of microchips. Examples of microchips are memory and logic processors for laptops, smartphones, data centers, etc. Measuring these structures is essential to be able to produce good chips.

Nearfield Instruments’ customers are global microchip manufacturers, supported by 103 employees from Rotterdam (head office) and Eindhoven (High Tech Campus).

Total investments received (USD): 45.39M