Nenda raised $600k for launching streaming service for hotels.

Sweden Investments 17 May 2019
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Nenda, a Stockholm, Sweden-based provider of a SAAS tool for TV streaming for the hotel industry, announced that it completed a seed capital round totalling SEK 5.5M ($600k).

The money was provided by a range of Nordic investors, including Swedish angels Björn Lifvergren and Carl Palmstierna.

In conjunction with the funding round, Björn Lifvergren becomes Chairman of the Board and Carl Palmstierna joins the company's board of directors.

Nenda, founded in 2019 by Per Romild and CEO Anders Hässel, built a video platform with the aim to compete with cable and satellite TV providers in the B2B market with a streaming service dedicated to the hotel industry. Specifically, the company works with manufacturers to have its service pre-installed on TV sets before being delivered to the hotels.

Nenda's tool is in a pilot phase used by two undisclosed hotel chains in Sweden and the company aims to expand its availability to customers such as hospitals or retirements home.