NordicNinja VC announced a €100 million venture fund set up to invest in Nordic and Baltic startups.

Finland 22 February 2019
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NordicNinja VC by JB Nordic Ventures is a Helsinki, Finland-based, newly-launched €100M ($114M) VC fund in partnership with Panasonic, Honda, Omron, and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

The fund aims to provide investments between €2M-€5M to deep tech scale-ups in industries such as autonomous mobility, AI, VR, and IoT, based in the Nordic and the Baltic areas and which are looking to enter the technology business ecosystem in Japan and across Asia.

NordicNinja VC is led by two managing partners, Tomosaku Sohara and Shinichi Nikkuni, and has hired Claes Mikko Nilsen to act as an investment director.