Pale Blue Dot is a new venture company from Sweden aiming to invest in pre-seed and seed climate-focused startups in Europe

Sweden Connection
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Pale Blue Dot is a newly announced seed-stage venture company from Malmö, Sweden focusing on climate-tech companies from Europe out of a  €53 million ($60M) investment fund.

Pale Blue Dot was founded by Hampus Jakobsson, Heidi Lindvall and Joel Larsson and is targeting to make roughly 40 investments ranging from €200,000 to €2 million in technology startups which impact or help solve climate problems. The investments are sector agnostic as long as they are software or technology-based with a strong positive climate impact. Current focus areas include food/agriculture, industry, fashion/apparel, energy, and transportation.

Pale Blue Dot also announced having made three investments - Phytoform, a London headquartered company creating new crops using computational biology and synbio; Patch, a San Francisco-based carbon-offsetting platform that finances both traditional and frontier “carbon sequestration” methods; and, an Amsterdam-based startup, using machine learning and satellite data to understand trees to lower the risk of forest fires and power outages.

Pale Blue Dot's LPs are institutional investors such as Swedish state-owned Saminvest or Atomico and private individuals including Albert Wenger (USV) or Staffan Helgesson (Creandum).