Raw Labs secured $5.5 million in pre-A series backed by Investiere.

Switzerland 12 February 2021

Raw Labs, a Lausanne, Switzerland-based developer of a SAAS data management solution, announced closing a $5.5 million pre-series A investment round.

The money was raised from Investiere and a range of other investors whose names were not disclosed.

The company also announced Lars Farnstrom as its new CEO. Claude Honegger (former global CIO of Credit Suisse) and Pyrros Koussios (former private equity investor and senior executive at international technology companies) are joining the board of directors.

The proceeds of the investment will be used to add more large enterprise clients and continue investing in the expansion of the capabilities of its core NoDB data platform.

Raw Labs, founded in 2015 as an École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) spinout by Anastasia Ailamaki and Miguel Branco, developed NoDB, a platform for data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts to seamlessly access, query, clean, and enhance heterogeneous data sources in near real time and transform them into high-value data products for consumption by analytical tools, ML-models, and enterprise applications.

What makes RAW NoDB unique is its revolutionary query engine, which unlike any other solution in the market uses Category Theory. This gives RAW the unique capability to query large and complex data sources at high performance without the need for any costly and time-consuming ETL/ELT preprocessing or integration with data sources.