Scaled Robotics announced a €2 million seed investment led by Construct Venture and PropTech Fund Surplus.

Spain Norway Investments 03 February 2020
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Scaled Robotics, a Barcelona, Spain-based company manufacturing industrial robots for the construction industry, announced the completion of a seed round capital investment totalling €2 million ($2.2M).

The money was provided by a group of international investors led by European firms Norwegian Construct Venture and PropTech Fund Surplus.

Scaled Robotics, founded in 2015 by CEO Stuart Maggs, develops software and hardware that capture, process, interpret and compile 3D scan data collected from buildings under construction.

This is done by a robot that scans autonomously around construction sites, using a 360-degree camera and custom lidar system to systematically document its surroundings. By matching the 3D scans against the pre-defined construction plans in the BIM models, the robot identifies deviations and errors which allows for the quick resolution of problems, as well as massively reducing construction times and bringing significant cost savings.

The company piloted three pilot projects during 2019, which resulted in paid pilots.

Prior to this round, Scaled Robotics secured €1 million in pre-seed funding.