Scrimba gets NOK 500k in a strategic investment from Alliance Venture.

Norway 03 July 2017

Scrimba, an Oslo, Norway-based startup working on a SAAS education tool that aims to make online code learning better, raised NOK 500k ($60k).

The investment comes from Alliance Venture, at a short time after Scrimba had raised NOK 1.6M ($190k) from Founders Fund and Nordic Makers. It should be noted that the size of the check is unusually small for a VC company, as it consitutes rather a strategic placement against the expected potential growth of the company.

Scrimba was founded in 2016 by Per Harald Borgen, Sindre Aarsæther and Magnus Holm. The company has developed a platform that makes it easier for anybody to start learning or improving software development skills.

Total investments received (USD): 940k