ShowHau raises more than EUR 400k on Invesdor for its dog facility.

Finland Investments 27 June 2017
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ShowHau, a Vantaa, FInland based company managing a center providing dog services, raised 416.626 EUR ($472k) on Invesdor. The campaign, started in May 2017, was backed by 53 investors which oversubscribed the initial investment target of 350k EUR.

ShowHau, led by CEO Esko Kammonen, manages a multifunctional venue, providing activities concerning dog training and care, including social get-togethers for both dog owners and dogs, dog wellbeing services, healthy feeding options and dog hotel facilities. The first ShowHau Center opened in Vantaa in April 2016. At this time the size of the dog-related industry was estimated to be over EUR 1 billion and growing.