Spintop Ventures secures more money into its investment fund, adds two more partners in the company.

Sweden 09 January 2018
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Spintop Ventures, a Stockholm, Sweden-based investment company announced an infusion of SEK 600M ($73M) of capital to be further invested in venture companies.

The money comes mainly from the Swedish state, through Saminvest (which contributed with SEK 200M - $24.3M) and through the Swedish Venture Initiative, managed by the European Investment Fund, EIF.

Spintop Ventures was founded in 2009 by Mats Johansson, Erik Wenngren, Finn Person and Ari Korhonen. The company invests in early stages companies - we have tracked 22 investments made at an average investment round of $2.7M, mostly in software, music and media companies.

At the same time, Spintop has also announced adding two more active partners in the firm - Sami Niemi and Peter Carlsson. Sami Niemi was already working as an advisor of the company while Peter Carlsson is an active angel investor.