Stidner gets Svea Ekonomi as an investor for SEK 6M.

Sweden Investments 06 July 2017
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Stidner, a Trollhättan, Sweden-based SAAS ecommerce provider, raised SEK 6M ($710k) in fresh equity money.

The investment comes from a bank, Svea Ekonomy, which acquires a third of the company. The rest of the shares are owned by the CEO and founder of Stidner, Dennis Svensson.

Stidner, founded in 2016, has developed a complete solution for online merchants by providing them with e-commerce payment gateways and transport administrations. The company focuses on small online shops, with a turnover less than SEK 40M ($5M).

Stidner, currently employing 4 people and serving 50 customers, will use the transaction for leveraging its product development and further expanding the business operation.