StudentFinance secured EUR 1.15M in a financing round led by Seedcamp

Spain United Kingdom Investments 29 November 2019
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StudentFinance, a Madrid, Spain-based startup working on a student recruitment platform based on ISA (income share agreement), announced the completion a funding round totalling EUR 1.15M ($1.3M).

The round was led by Seedcamp and included private investors José Neves, Rolf Schrömgens, Nuno Sebastião, Juan Urdiales, Felipe Navio, Carlos Oliveira and Will Neale.

StudentFinance, founded in 2019 by Mariano Kostelec, Marta Palmeiro, Sergio Pereia and Miguel Santo, partners with providers of ‘in-demand’ skills, in order to finance their students with Income Share Agreements. ISAs offer a model through which students don’t pay anything upfront, but a percentage of their income after landing a job with a salary level over a certain amount. This ISA model is disrupting current education financing models, offering students an alternative to traditional debt.