Superblocks raises $1 million in seed round from Cryptowell to build its blockchain platform.

Sweden Investments 15 May 2018
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Superblocks, a Stockholm, Sweden-based startup working on a development platform based on the blockchain technology (Wordpress for blockchain), announced securing $1M in capital investment.

The money was provided by Swedish investor Cryptowell, a venture firm funding companies, startups and projects related to fintech and blockchain technology. was founded by Thomas Backlund, Carl Gärdsell and Javier Tarazaga Gomez. The project was initiated in 2013 when Thomas Backlund gained global attention for selling all his assets and moving into a Swedish forest to start building a new platform for more efficient software development.

Five years and 50 000 development hours later, the company’s dApp development platform Superblocks Studio (Wordpress for Blockchain) moves into private beta.

Blockchain’s rise has paved the way for a rapidly expanding market for decentralized applications (so-called dApps), which hold potential to disrupt entire industries – including e-commerce, banking, gaming and messaging. The market is, however, in its infancy and developing dApps is still a complicated process. Superblocks aims to solve this problem with its in-browser platform to simplify coding, building, testing and deploying smart contracts and powerful decentralized applications.