Sympower raised €5.2 million in a series B round backed by Kees Koolen and Rubio Impact Ventures.

Netherlands 24 March 2021

Sympower, an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based SAAS developer for demand-response energy transition, announced closing a €5.2 million ($6.1M) series B capital round.

The money was raised from investors including the former CEO of Kees Koolen, existing investor Rubio Impact Ventures, and other angel investors whose name was disclosed.

Sympower, founded in 2015 by CEO Simon Bushel, provides cost-effective and sustainable balancing services to the electricity grid. The Sympower software platform responds to fluctuations in the supply and demand of electricity grid in milliseconds, by regulating the consumption or generation of electrical installations across multiple industrial and commercial sectors, while taking care not to interrupt primary processes.

Sympower operates in Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands and has previously raised about $4.5 million, with the last round closed in October 2019.

Total investments received (USD): 10.62M