The Creators Community secured $4.7M for further expansion.

Norway Investments 15 March 2019
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The Creators Community, an Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark-based company operating working spaces, announced closing in a NOK 40M ($4.7M) capital investment round.

The round was supported by Nordic investors, including Ivar Koteng, Møller Eiendom, Johan Odfjell, Daimyo, Vestaksen, Tharald Nustad, Ivar Arnesen, Petter Fornæss and Wiski Capital.

The Creators Community, led by CEO Tine Thygesen, was founded in 2018 as a company umbrella operating a number of working spaces which were acquired or merged by Founders House. Founders House merged with Oslo-based Mesh in 2016 and acquired Trondheim-based DIGS in 2018.

In May 2018, the company opened Matrikel1, 3,600 sqm over four floors in central Copenhagen and received backing from leading investors and entrepreneurships in Denmark, including Mette Lykke, Morten Strunge, Jimmy Fussing, Gregers Kronborg and Martin Hauge, among others.