Tracklib raised SEK 15M in funding since its founding.

Sweden Investments 31 May 2017
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Tracklib, a Stockholm, Sweden-based music marketplace raised SEK 15M ($1.72M) in funding since its inception. The backers include local investors Bo Mattsson, Bo Dankis and Kent Janer.

Tracklib, founded in 2013 by Pär Almqvist (CEO), Eric Amarillo, Johan Wiström, Pia Philipsson and Anil Raj, has developed an online music library for producers who want to recycle and create new works of older music.

The idea is to simplify for the musicians, who get to pick and choose the new source material while sharing revenue with the original creators. Tracklibs users pay a small amount to get the right to reuse and adapt the recordings of his own music.