Unibap raises SEK 12M for further development of their AI-based platform.

Sweden Investments 13 February 2017
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Unibap, an Uppsala, Sweden-based AI company, announced a SEK 12M ($1.6M) financing round in an investment made by undisclosed investors.

Unibap, led by CEO Fredrik Bruhn and founded in 2013, is one of the most promising startups from Sweden and provides mission critical visual perception for autonomous systems, robots, spacecraft, industrial robotics, and automated quality assurance. The products are unique in combining sensor close data extraction, data mining, indexing, and cloud computing features through heterogenous processing with optional artificial intelligence.

In the fall of 2016, Unibap announced being accepted in the European Space Agency Business Incubator Centre (ESA BIC Sweden) from Sweden, as one of the first companies to be selected for incubation during two years.

Also in the fall of 2016, Unibap took in SEK 10M ($1.1M) from business angels, including Gunnar Bergstedt, who is also Chairman of the board.

Round Value (USD): $1.57M
Round investors: Undisclosed
Company: Unibap
Industry: Robotics