Nordic 9 is an English-based information source focused on Europe - a digital master record of up to date, curated data and translated information covering the private investment market.

Our mission is to be a one-stop source for people looking to learn and understand what is important in Europe.

Startup people can quickly discover who the active investors in their space are, what deals are made in their industries and who the potential backers of their business could be.

Investors can have fast and clean access to granular competitive intel as well as to a big picture with what kind of deals are made and by whom, either globally or regionally.

Most of the Nordic 9 is available for free but you need to have an account to use it. Customers have two tiers of availability access: the Insider and the Pro.

The Insider is the choice for the people who either have a one-time need (i.e. find sales leads or need to raise money) or would like to benefit from a like-minded community while staying updated and understanding what is going on.

The Pro is for people who need unlimited access to advanced data and software tools for their job i.e. business development people or professional investors.