Nordic 9 is a community for like-minded people involved in the European startup ecosystem. You can be a founder, work for startups or scaleups, investors, media people or startup wannabes, or simply have an interest in the startup space.

You all have in common a specific set of needs that N9 is addressing:

Be in the know

You need more than what the media is reporting or random posts on social media. A dedicated resource with no fillers, fluff or fancy stuff optimised for clicks either. You need consistent intel and actionable insights about the investors and startups world from Europe. Every year we write several reports covering the essentials.

Data access

You are looking for a good and reliable database of active investors and startups which raised money recently. We have comprehensive up-to-date data sets presented in a clean and structured way, designed to be very easy to use.

Dealflow updates

You want to know what kind of investment deals are made in your industry or your region. A chronological list with all the transaction news from Europe, searchable by country or industry. You will get exactly that.

Clean experience

You appreciate a clean UX that lets you consume the content in a proper way. No ads, no popups, no interruptions, or stupid cookies, or other idiotic stuff that prevents an optimal information consumption.

We provide that seamless experience - as you should have on the web on the 21st century.

In time, we will add more benefits. Our purpose is to help you stay informed and make decisions, have instant access to intel while providing a great consumption experience of N9. Everything for smart, curious and informed people, sharing common interests and tastes. That's you!