Nordic 9 is an Europe-focused data platform, tracking competitive intelligence about companies, investors and transactions from the private market.

We have started in 2016 by covering the Nordic countries (hence the Nordic name) and have extended our coverage to Europe.

Nordic 9 is a great source to understand the big picture of the startup ecosystem through data-based intel - reports, investors, startups and deal flow - and to take the pulse of what is happening in Europe, regardless if you are an outsider or part of the ecosystem.

We have been tech entrepreneurs for almost two decades and we aim to give back to the community by providing the ultimate resource for startups and investors from Europe.

Prior to building Nordic 9, we spent countless hours looking and validating data and intel from the internet. Tons of spreadsheets, blogs, media articles, bookmarks and Twitter lists. That is how and why we started out N9 - we have built a solid intel source, structured in a useful way and which is affordable to the entire community.