The cities from the list below have Scandinavia-related companies with investments received in the past period. Please use the filters to see cities from a specific country or to sort by value or by number of transactions.

NameIndustriesValue of transactionsTransactions
Norway OsloSoftware Services (11), Mobile (6), Marketplace (4)64.12M24
Norway San FranciscoHealth services (1), Mobile (1)22.5M1
Norway TrondheimManufacturing (1), Health services (1)18.5M1
Norway BergenSoftware Services (3)15.14M4
Norway StavangerReal Estate (1), Working space (1), Competitive Intelligence (1)8.56M2
Norway SteinkjerElectronics (1), Manufacturing (1), Competitive Intelligence (1)3.9M1
Norway TromsøGaming Industry (1), Media (1), Education (1)840k2
Norway SandefjordSoftware Services (1)838k1
Norway Palo AltoVideo (1), Social Network (1)129k1
Norway BryneSocial Network (1), Music Industry (1), Software Services (1)110k1